Why MCCA proudly supports National Zakat Foundation Australia

Our ongoing support for a pioneering foundation that continues to break barriers by going above and beyond to help our Australian Muslim community. 
This month, MCCA was proud to receive the National Zakat Foundation’s Appreciation Award following another great year of collaboration.
Our work at MCCA has always been focused on supporting initiatives that uplift our local Muslim communities and advocate for their needs. 
This includes our long-standing involvement with NZF and the ground-breaking work their team has done to provide much-needed aid to the vulnerable members of our Ummah in Australia. 

Our Long-Standing Partnership with NZF Australia

Over the past few years, MCCA has been delighted to work closely with NZF on various projects that have transformed and continue to empower our community, especially at a grass-roots level.

Most recently, we showed our support for the Healing Forward program, an initiative which tackles the pertinent issue of domestic and family violence within the Australian Muslim community. 

In this program, MCCA and NZF aimed to support those affected by domestic violence by providing the right services and resources for their needs through Zakat. As it is within Healing Forward and many other ground-breaking programs NZF utilises Zakat as a powerful force that changes our community for the better and advocates for its long-term growth. 

How NZF Australia Advocates for Local Muslims

As a charity initiative, the mission of NZF has always been to distribute Zakat transformatively within Australia and support local Muslims in need, from all walks of life. 

Since 2013, NZF has distributed over $13 million to vulnerable Muslims across the nation, alleviating thousands of people from financial hardship, homelessness and domestic violence. 

The funds NZF provides have also helped community members in need of medical assistance, including services that support the unique mental health and wellbeing needs of our Muslim community. 

We are grateful to further NZF’s mission and cause by supporting these programs that service our local Muslim communities, as an extension of our goals to empower this community to achieve their financial goals, in accordance with Islamic principles.

Local Crises Need Local Responses 

While there is a need to support our global Ummah, we sometimes forget that some of the most dispossessed Muslims in the world are right here in Australia.

Within Islam, all 4 madhhabs agree on the priority of local Zakat. And the Australian Muslim community faces a plethora of social issues. We cannot simply go on ignoring how members of our community are being affected by poverty, domestic violence, homelessness and more – there is too much at stake. 

That’s why NZF Australia works with our nation’s most needy and strives to provide aid that has a profound local impact. An impact that pushes for self-empowerment and social change in the community at large, through a trusted Zakat ecosystem that knows our Australian Muslims. 

Moving forward, we aspire to continue building our long-term partnership with NZF, furthering their goals of delivering incredible work that reaches our community and beyond through the power of change. 




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