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Australia’s Islamic finance leader since 1989

MCCA is Australia’s leading Shariah compliant finance and investments provider. With more than thirty years of operating history and a deep connection to the community, MCCA has provided competitive products that have enabled well over 6,500 Muslim households, businesses and societies to achieve their financial goals in line with their spiritual values.


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Why Choose MCCA?

MCCA’s finance products stand apart from other options open to Australian Muslims. This is due to competitive pricing and a values-driven nature. When it comes to making our community’s dreams come true, MCCA has a strong track record in delivering excellence.


With a 30+ year track record, we provide a compelling Islamic finance option for the Muslims of Australia.

Shariah Compliant

Driven by our Islamic values and ethos, our Shariah advisors ensure all our products are Shariah compliant.

Client Centric

In everything we do at MCCA, we put our customer’s needs first. Since 2019, All employees are trained in accordance to the customer first initiative.


Our terms are competitive with the best finance options available in the open market.

Want to purchase property? Find out how MCCA Finance can help you today.

Since 1989, MCCA has helped 6,789 Australian Muslims own their own home. If you are looking for a competitive and Shariah compliant finance option, MCCA is the leading choice for you.

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Want a Halal investment option? Find out more about MCCA’s investment options today.

Many investment options in the market are not in line with Islamic principles. For investment options that help grow your wealth while being Islamically sound, MCCA has the right options for you.

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Principles of Islamic Finance

A brief, useful guide to the principles of Islamic Finance, delivered by an Australia-based authority in the field, Almir Colan.


What you need to know as an MCCA customer, or more generally as a member of Australia’s Muslim community or the finance profession.

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