MCCA Disclaimer

Important Notice

This website is managed by MCCA Limited on behalf of MCCA and its related bodies corporate (together called the “MCCA Group”).

You must take responsibility for your own investment decisions and to this end you should consider obtaining independent advice before making any investment or financial decision.

We do not provide personal financial advice and therefore you should seek your own advice from a qualified financial planner or advisor. Where a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) has been issued for any MCCA investment product you can only invest if you have received a copy of the PDS, read the PDS and have applied to become an investor using the application form in the PDS. You must provide at all times suitable identification required under Australian law to become an investor.

The MCCA Group comprises of three entities namely:

1. MCCA Ltd – “Credit License 388808”

MCCA Ltd is an unlisted Australian public company. MCCA Ltd is owned by the same shareholders as the Co-operative, derived from their shareholding in the Co-operative. MCCA Ltd is the sole shareholder of MCCA Asset Management Limited (MCCA AM). The role of MCCA Ltd is to provide staffing, services, and administration services for the MCCA Group. MCCA Ltd will also enter into originating and mortgage management agreements with third party financiers assisting with Shari’ah compliant home financing products.

2. MCCA Asset Management – “Credit License and AFSL 291356”

MCCA Asset Management Limited (MCCA AM) is an unlisted Australian public company that is wholly owned by MCCA Ltd. Since November 2005, MCCA AM has been the responsible entity for a number of Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) registered managed investment schemes, principally mortgage based. MCCA AM holds an Australian Financial Services license (No. 291356) issued by ASIC. This license allows MCCA AM to market retail investment respected Board of Shari’ah Advisers to be compliant with Shari’ah. The MCCA Income Fund is considered to be the first Australian retail investment product that has been registered with ASIC.

3. Muslim Community Co-operative (Australia) Ltd – “Credit License 388810”

The Co-operative is a Co-operative registered under the Victorian Co-operative Act 1996. The Muslim Community Co-operative (Australia) Ltd, better known as MCCA, was founded in 1989 by a group of ten people with a net share value of $20,000 and was incorporated in August 1990 in Melbourne. The Co-operative is currently winding down its activities and MCCA Ltd will become the principal entity.

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