Shariah Advisors

Our Shariah Credentials & Certifications

All of MCCA’s processes and products are based on Islamic principles and values. Underpinning this is the Shariah leadership we receive from a panel of independent, highly reputable and trusted authorities on Shariah and Islamic finance. We are privileged to receive their ongoing guidance and authority on matters of Islamic finance. 

The role of the Shariah Advisors

All our finance and investment products are developed in conjunction with, and certified by, independent Shariah Advisors to ensure that they comply with applicable Shariah principles.

Shariah Endorsement

Annual Shariah Compliance Certificate issued by Amanie for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.


Fatwa regarding the Income Fund

Fatwa from the independent advisory board regarding our income fund.


Fatwa regarding the Amlak product

Fatwa from the independent advisory board regarding our amlak product.


Fatwa regarding the Tamleek product

Fatwa from the independent advisory board regarding our tamleek product.


Australian Shariah Advisors

The Australian members of our Shariah Advisors panel bring local, contextual knowledge to decision-making, as well as an understanding of Australian law and its impact on our work. Our Australian advisors are a who’s who of Islamic finance thinkers in the Australian context.

Sheikh Wissam Zaatiti

Appointed to Advisory Board in September 2009, Sheikh Wissam is a distinguished leader in Australia’s Muslim community. He has extensive experience in all matters of

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Dr Shabbir Ahmed

Dr Ahmed has been a Shariah advisor since September 2014, and has significant knowledge of and experience in matters related to Islamic finance and Shariah

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Almir Colan

Appointed to the role of Shariah advisor in January 2017, Mr Colan is a Director at the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AusCif) and also

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International Shariah Advisors

As well as our Australian Shariah advisors, we regularly certify our products through some of the world’s leading Shariah / Islamic finance experts via Amanie Advisors.

Dr. Mohamed Ali Elgari

A Professor of Islamic Economics and former Director of the Centre for Research in Islamic Economics at King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia, Dr

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Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar

Chairman of the Amanie Group (an leading Islamic Finance consultancy) and previously the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the International Islamic University Malaysia, Dr Bakar currently chairs

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Dr. Muhammad Qattan

A highly regarded Shariah Scholar and currently the Director of Islamic Economics Unit, Centre of Excellence in Management at Kuwait University, Dr Qattan is a

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Dr. Osama AL Dereai

A Shariah scholar who has extensive experience in teaching, consulting and research in the field of Islamic finance. Dr Al Dereai lectures widely and is

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