How MCCA is helping revive the Legacy of Islam in Australia

Our support for a trailblazing initiative that brings together Muslims of all ages and backgrounds through a deeper understanding of faith. 
For over 30 years, MCCA has been at the forefront of advocating for the ground-breaking small businesses and programs present in our Australian Muslim community. Initiatives that bolster pride in our Muslim identity and confidence in our Islamic values. 
This includes our support of Human Appeal Australia’s Divine Legacy Conference Tours, a biennial project that strives to uphold the legacy of the Holy Quran, Islam’s miraculous book that continues to inspire hearts and minds across the globe since 1400 years ago.

MCCA, Human Appeal and the Divine Legacy Conference Tour

The Divine Legacy Conference Tour was first launched in 2019. Held in four cities across Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane and featuring renowned inspirational speakers like Sheikh Mufti Menk and prominent Quran reciters, the tour aimed to be an inaugural landmark event for Australian Muslims of all ages and backgrounds. 

Like MCCA, for over 30 years, Human Appeal Australia has been working hard to help those in need, locally and overseas. Holding true to their mission of following ‘the road to goodness’ and reaching the hearts of many, the event was a huge success and was a grand occasion for local communities to celebrate diversity and engage in an environment of unity. 

The 2022 Divine Legacy Conference Tour

After its hugely successful introduction in 2019, Human Appeal Australia announced the launch of the second Divine Legacy Conference Tour for 2022. This year, the conference was held in five cities across Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. 

With great excitement, Sheikh Mufti Menk was announced as returning speaker for the conference. Prominent Quran reciters, Imam Ishak Danis and Mutasim Alasali, and inspirational American-Muslim comedian Omar Regan, as well as other esteemed international and local guests, also returned for the grand event. 

Tickets to the 2022 tour sold out quickly and an extra event was added in Sydney to allow for more people to attend. Audiences were enthralled once again with insightful discussions and exquisite recitations that highlighted important Quranic perceptions and essential concepts for a better life here and in the Hereafter. 

This year’s conference also spotlighted the topic of Women in Quran and discussed carefully selected issues that concerned Muslim women and their families in the modern world. A fundraising segment section was also held to help alleviate the hardship of many disadvantaged women and children and their communities across the world.

All in all, the 2022 Divine Legacy Conference Tour was indeed another gathering that brought forth Muslims to help those in need and provided a better understanding of the holy scriptures, especially among younger generations of Australian Muslims.

At both conferences, MCCA was honoured to be a principal sponsor of Divine Legacy. We are proud to support Human Appeal Australia in their endeavour to make great change, both by revitalising the spirit of Islam within our local communities and by challenging gender inequality by empowering women and girls through the power of Quran.

Moving forward, we hope to continue supporting the Divine Legacy Conference Tours and their efforts in driving excellence within our Australian Muslim community currently and in the future to come.



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