How MCCA is Helping Our Youth Achieve Their Full Potential

How we supported a community-led careers exhibition that uplifts our multicultural youth and encourages them to pursue their dreams. 
For over 30 years, our aim at MCCA is to support the initiatives that propel our Muslim community toward a bright and successful future. A future led by our incredible youth, who carry forward our Islamic values with new hope and boundless potential. 
Helping the young people in our community achieve their goals and foster their Islamic identity is what drives us to regularly sponsor and support youth-focused initiatives. 

Encouraging Our Youth to Pursue Their Dream Careers 

One of the most exciting initiatives we supported recently is the Somali Australian Community Association of NSW’s Multicultural Youth Employment Careers & Careers Expo. 

The Somali Australian Community Association of NSW (SACA) is a not-for-profit community organisation that strives to empower the Somali and CALD community in NSW through supporting local businesses and facilitating much-needed initiatives. 

Initiatives like their recent Careers Expo, which aimed to showcase the incredible array of career and training opportunities for young Somali and CALD people residing in Western and South-Western Sydney.

A Well-Attended Expo

The event was held at Auburn Town Hall on the 30th of July. More than 20 stallholders were at the Expo, representing local employers, support services, employment agencies, training organisations, government bodies, Western Sydney University, TAFENSW and the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST. 

Also present were experts from a wide range of professions and industries, who helped conduct several workshops related to resume writing, mock job interviews and financial literacy training, and provided interactive demonstrations and industry insights to boost young people’s confidence about job opportunities. 

The Expo concluded with a panel discussion answering a series of posed questions based on their profession, area of expertise and experience, featuring speakers such as Dr Ahmed Deria, an educational consultant with NESA, and Mr Zia Ahmad, editor-in-chief at AMUST. 

Alongside stallholders and experts, over 200 young people attended the Expo. At the end of the event, they were each presented with a certificate of appreciation by the Mayor of Cumberland Council, Ms Lisa Lake, for their commitment to advocating for their future.

Overall, this was a fantastic event attended by so many enthusiastic young people from diverse backgrounds. MCCA was proud to have been a part of this amazing opportunity to connect employment, training and career avenues with our diverse Muslim community. 

We hope to continue supporting even more events that empower our Muslim youth and further invest in their long-term growth and potential.



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