MCCA’s Proud Support for the Bachar Houli Cup

Our continued support for a ground-breaking foundation that helps young Australian Muslims kick goals on and off the field.

For over 30 years, our legacy at MCCA has focused on giving back and powering the future of the wonderful community that supports us. 

We are especially honoured to be regularly involved in sponsoring the initiatives and programs that help the future of our community – our incredible youth – reach their goals and achieve their dreams on all fronts. 

This includes our long-time support of the Bachar Houli Foundation and our new visionary partnership with them that aims to provide and nurture more future opportunities for young Australian Muslims through Australian Rules Football.

Empowering Our Youth Through Sports and Social Inclusion 

The Bachar Houli Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that grows and connects with our youth through a unique focus on social inclusion, leadership, and identity.

Its landmark initiative, the Bachar Houli Cup, in particular, provides an encouraging environment that helps introduce Australian Football to the Muslim community and provides an avenue for aspiring Muslim AFL players to go mainstream. 

More than 5000 Islamic school students, between the ages of 12 to 17, participate in the Cup to engage in friendly competition and further develop their football skills in a program that also helps them become leaders for both the Muslim and the wider Australian community.

We are, in turn, proud to be a partner and a principal sponsor for this year’s Cup and further our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower our youth while fostering their Muslim identity. 

Our Support for Bachar Houli Cup 2022

MCCA had the honour of running a “longest kick competition” at each of the Bachar Houli Cup tournaments every Wednesday from the 20th of July until the 10th of August.

The four longest kickers from each year level (5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12) received prizes from MCCA, which were signed Richmond FC jerseys and a signed copy of Bachar’s autobiography.

MCCA was also invited to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the annual Victorian Bachar Houli Cup Grand Final. Additionally, we had the pleasure of handing out the medals and trophy alongside Bachar Houli, to the two teams that reached the Final of the Year 11/12 tournament.

An overall exciting conclusion to such an incredible initiative. We give our sincere thanks to the organisations, schools and people that helped make the Cup such a successful event, as well as the Bachar Houli Foundation for allowing us to take part. 

Moving forward in the future, we hope to continue strengthening our relationship with organisations like the Bachar Houli Foundation that invest in our children’s future and the growth of our Australian Muslim community.



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