MCCA x Melbourne Muslimahs: A proud partnership

Melbourne Muslimahs: Assisting Vulnerable Women

Melbourne Muslimahs is an organisation founded by women to support the well-being of Muslim women and children. This is done through delivering programs focused on social support such as our regulars sisters picnics, our weekly playgroup and our regular hikes (for men and women).

In 2024 Melbourne Muslimahs launched the ‘Rebuilding Lives’ project providing emergency short term accommodation for women and children in the community, providing them with intensive case management to ensure they are provided with adequate support to ensure better outcomes.

Our Partnership in Action

Joint by Values: Melbourne Muslimahs & MCCA

At MCCA, we’re committed to serving the Australian Muslim community by supporting worthy initiatives. That’s why we’re honored to support Melbourne Muslimahs, a wonderful organisation that helps women and children most in need in our community.

With a focus on supporting vulnerable women and children in our community, Melbourne Muslimahs undertakes a range of initiatives, delivering practical support as well as connecting women to local support services.

Our sponsorship of Melbourne Muslimahs is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a pledge to support and amplify the incredible work they do.

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