How MCCA continues to put customers first: The results are in!

MCCA’s Customer First Initiative 2022-23: The Results Are In!

In our drive to constantly improve your experience here at MCCA, our ongoing Customer First Initiative has once again been a huge focus for us over the last two years (2022-23).
Launched initially in 2020, it addresses key issues within our customer service charter. We’re delighted to present the latest results and proud to share the outcomes of what was a significant project with you. This is how we’re aligning MCCA to the needs of our valued customers and community. 

Providing trustworthy, affordable and high-quality shariah-compliant finance products and services to our valued customers is at the heart of MCCA’s mission. 

Our aim at MCCA is to always give our customers a quality one-stop, end-to-end customer experience from the moment they first apply for our products and services. 

As the premium provider of Shariah-compliant finance and investment services in Australia, we have long felt that it is our duty to equip our community with the best-trained staff who are prompt in addressing their needs and meeting their service expectations. 

Over the past 18 months, we’re proud to have been able to listen to and collate the feedback of more than 12,000 customers in the latest round of our Customer First Initiative. 

Through consistently answering this feedback and preparing for future improvements, we hope to uphold our reputation as one of the highest-scoring financial institutions in Australia.

In our most recent round of surveys, we looked at three key areas: first call resolution, agent quality and net promoter score.

Firstly, our first call resolution feedback shows that resolving our customers’ queries has become our priority. Over 75% of our surveyed customers reported that their query was solved on the first call. This is despite the complex nature of inquiries that we often have to manage.

Secondly, our agent quality score proves that our customer satisfaction results have been top tier. Over 85% of customers surveyed rated MCCA staff an 7 or above on service quality – a mark of our ongoing aim to improve the service quality of our staff.

Thirdly, and most pleasingly, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) score outperforms even leading financial institutions in Australia. With an NPS of 39.59, well above the scores achieved by major banks reported within the Roy Morgan Australia NPS by mortgage customers (2022-23) report. Our focus on customer responsiveness, first-time resolution and agent quality especially has allowed MCCA to rise as an emerging industry leader in the finance sector. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, through the changes we’ve made via our customer-first approach, our Google reviews reflect the improvement in our customer satisfaction over time. Both our Lakemba (Sydney) and Coburg (Melbourne) locations see a 4.6-star + majority rating across 435 reviews – a testament to the changes we made from our customers’ incredible and valued feedback.

As MCCA continues to take our performance to new heights, customer service and satisfaction will remain at the core of our mission and a huge priority for our entire team. 



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