MCCA x Brothers in Need:
A proud partnership

Brothers in Need: The family for those without one

As a family for Australia’s forgotten, Brothers in Need is a Muslim-based movement dedicated to sharing all we have with others by building connected communities, caring for those in need with compassion, and creating healthy pathways for partnership and growth.

Our Partnership in Action

Joint by Values: MCCA & Brothers in Need

At MCCA, we’re committed to serving the Australian Muslim community by supporting worthy initiatives. That’s why we’re honored to sponsor Brothers In Need, a charity organisation that helps those in need within our community.

With a focus on supporting families and individuals experiencing hardship, Brothers in Need provides crucial services like food assistance, emergency housing, and financial support.

Our sponsorship of Brothers in Need is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a pledge to support and amplify the heartening work they do every day. We believe in their mission, and together, we’re dedicated to creating a positive impact and ensuring a brighter future for our community.

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