2021 Annual General Meeting

MCCA recently held its Annual General Meeting for the calendar year 2021. An important milestone in our yearly calendar, the AGM was well received and helped continue our journey into a bold and exciting future. This is our report summarising the proceedings of the day.

On the 25th of March, 2022, the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MCCA members was held at the Novotel in Preston, Victoria.

For the first time since 1989, members who were unable to attend the AGM in person were able to actively participate via a secure online portal. 

In addition to MCCA members, the AGM was attended by MCCA directors and staff, representatives of KPMG, Dr Shabbir Ahmed (Shariah Advisor to MCCA) and local community leader and Imam Sheikh Alaa El Zokm. 

On the night, members gathered to receive, query, and adopt the statutory reports and presentations of the board of directors, management and MCCA’s independent auditor KPMG. 

  • Investing and rolling out new fintech avenues within the business over 2021 – 2022. 
  • Celebrating NPS and customer service reports. 
  • Setting new records for funds under management and mortgage origination. 

Hisham Moustafa, Director of MCCA, welcomed all present, and proceedings commenced with the customary recitation of Al-Qur’an. 

As in previous years, MCCA Chair Professor Akhtar Kalam presented the director’s report, which was preceded by Nadeem Butt, MCCA’s CFO and Responsible Manager, presenting the financial highlights of the 2021 year. 

Tony Batsakis, a KPMG Partner, presented the audit report accompanying the 2021 financial statements to members. MCCA’s audited 2021 financial year reports were then adopted by the attending members.

The audience was also enlightened by a speech given by Imam Alaa El Zokm, who highlighted the significance of Islamic finance and shariah-compliant investments.

Following an active Q&A session where members queried directors and management on matters regarding MCCA’s growth and outlook, the Customer First Initiative rolled out by MCCA in 2020 was then showcased by Adam El Zanaty, MCCA’s Business Development Manager. 

We’re grateful to all those who attended in person and online for sharing this occasion with us. 



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